Become a Member of the North Carolina Green Party


Welcome! This is your chance to grow the Green Party in North Carolina. The Green Party refuses all corporate contributions, so dues-paying members play a vital role ensuring our state and local organizations have the resources needed to build the party.


Who Can Become a Member of the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP)?
North Carolina residents who are registered to vote as "Unaffiliated" or "Other – Green" are eligible to become members of the NCGP after they have affirmed Green Party principles (see our 10 Key Values, platform, and statement of purpose), set their own dues rate using a budget-friendly sliding scale, and initiated payment of those dues. You choose your own dues level on the honor system, based on what you can pay. All NCGP members must pay dues.*


How Do I Sign Up?
We’ve set up the following options to make participation as easy as possible. Click on one of the following three:

1. Monthly Online Payment (click here): Register online and set up an online recurring dues payment. Requires PayPal account. If you prefer to not sign up for a PayPal account, use option 2 or 3.

2. Onetime Online Payment (click here): Register online and set up an online onetime dues payment. Does not require PayPal.

3. Onetime Mail-In Payment (click here): Download a PDF form and mail in your registration with a check or money order.

Please check our FAQ section below, or contact the NCGP treasurer at


NCGP Dues Tiers
Members shall determine their own level of dues based on income or ability to pay and the honor system. The suggested dues rates shall be according to the following scale:

• $5 a month or $60 a year (for annual incomes under $30K)*
• $10 a month or $120 a year (for annual incomes from $30K to $50K)
• $15 a month or $180 a year (for annual incomes from $50K to $100K)
• $20 a month or $240 a year (for annual incomes over $100K)

* The minimum dues required to be an NCGP member are $12 a year ($1 a month), per section III.c.i. of the NCGP bylaws. The NCGP recommends $12 a year for those experiencing extraordinary financial hardship.

Frequently Asked Questions About NCGP Membership

1. Why dues? Why require them? Being a Green isn’t about money.
We created a separate page called Why Does the NCGP Require Dues? for this very question. But to summarize: In order to budget what’s needed for strong Green campaigns and activism—web hosting, printed literature, design and tech support staff, transportation—we need Greens to step up and commit to paying dues. Time and again, dues have been the means through which labor and other movements of the 99% have pulled together the resources to make serious change happen. This is a chance for Greens to affirm their values beyond checking a box on their voter registration forms. And finally, you set your own dues level according to what you can pay.

2. What happens with my dues? Who gets the cash?

Your dues go toward the operating budget of the NCGP, which is overseen by the party treasurer and the NCGP Coordinating Committee. These funds will be used to pay expenses such as meeting venues, online and computer infrastructure, activism and campaign initiatives, flyers and publications to assist Green outreach, and the funding of local chapters. When you pay dues, you’re supporting the Green movement at state and local levels.

3. What authorizes you to set up this program?

NCGP members affirmed party bylaws at a statewide meeting in December 2016 that include a provision for a dues/membership program.
4. How are members counted toward representation in NCGP?

While anyone can donate to the party and observe our meetings, only members are allowed to vote at the statewide meetings of the NCGP and in local chapters and participate in the NCGP's Coordinating Committee.

5. How is being a member different from donating?
We appreciate donations, but becoming a member is a greater commitment. We’re asking Greens to come together as a movement and build a party that can fight against the two major capitalist parties and their corporate donors who are violating our neighborhoods, our economies, and the environment. We’re asking you to commit to a regular dues payment so we can rely on funding from the 99% to build a party of the 99%. We hope you’ll consider donating to NCGP and candidate fundraising drives as well, but your dues are the bedrock of the NCGP budget.

6. Aren’t you worried about people buying influence in the party?
We limit membership to Greens. By setting up a broad base of dues-paying Greens of the 99%, we’ll never be dependent on big-money donors. Look at the two major parties: They have no true membership structure, and without a membership base, their party officers and their candidates aren't accountable to the rank-and-file; they're accountable to big-money and corporate interests.

7. Must I have a PayPal account? Doesn't PayPal require an account for recurring payments of this type?
If you prefer not sign up to pay dues via a PayPal account, you can send a check by mail or make a onetime donation via our other payment processor, which is here.

8. I want to register to vote as "Unaffiliated" or "Other – Green" so I can become a member of the NCGP. How can I verify and/or change my voter registration?
Check your voter registration at the North Carolina State Board of Elections "Voter Lookup" webpage. It will list your party affiliation. If you don’t appear registered as "UNA" (Unaffiliated), you must change your registration to "Unaffiliated" or "Other – Green" at the State Board of Elections "Voter Registration" webpage in order to become a member of the NCGP. (If you select "Other – Green," the State Board will count you as an unaffiliated voter.)



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