Collect Signatures for Ballot Access

Collect Signatures to get Greens on the Ballot

The North Carolina Green Party is fighting a history of voter suppression, whereby the Republican and Democratic Parties that run the state have placed tremendous restrictions on the rights of other parties and independent candidates to run for political office. Those two parties require that a third party or independent candidate collect over 90,000 petition signatures just to run for office.

What makes the two major parties think they can exclude others from the democratic process, especially in a time when a majority of Americans consider themselves neither Democrat nor Republican? That is not democracy.

Despite this large hurdle, we are working with the Free the Vote Coalition to ease ballot access laws in North Carolina, and we are gathering the required signatures to get on the ballot. And we have a plan to do it. Will you join us? Download the petition here to help.

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Download our Petition Sheet to get the Green Party on the ballot in North Carolina

Download our Petitioning Script to learn how to gather signatures from people of all political leanings.

Read our additional Tips for Gathering Signatures.

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