The party bylaws allow identity caucuses to be formed, provided that the caucus has at 1) least five members and 2) membership from at least 50% of the accredited NCGP local chapters.

What is an identity caucus? An identity caucus is an organization of self-identified individuals who share common experiences or characteristics. The purpose of identity caucuses is to give representation to groups who have been historically underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed in order that these individuals can better work together across the state to support struggles against injustice and the institutional privilege that exists in our society.

Currently the NCGP has no caucuses. If you are interested in forming a caucus, please let us know so we can assist you in this process. These caucuses are looking to be formed:

  • Black Caucus
  • Latinx Caucus
  • Indigenous Peoples Caucus
  • Youth Caucus: for youth and college students and Green college groups
  • LGBTQIA+ Caucus: for LGBTQIA+ members in the NCGP
  • Red-Green Caucus: for NCGP members specifically dedicated to working on anti-capitalist/socialist/ecosocialist issues

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