Asheville Student Journalist Interviews Jill Stein

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was recently interviewed by Larisa Karr of Asheville, North Carolina, for the UNCA Blue Banner newspaper. The story is here.

Supplementary video interview below.




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  • commented 2017-03-11 09:18:20 -0500
    This interview needs to be heard by all Americans…It is now March 2017 : Il Duce Trump has been ‘S-elected’ and all the woes Jill outlined have been brought into POWER: The corporate state is now filled (blatantly rather than disguised as the Two=Party elites up til now have accomplished) with corporate henchmen & women who speak and will put in place the PRIVATIZATION of ALL societal programs and institutions, de-fanging all societal protections, regulations and reforms that have been ALLOWED to be built over the past 50 years. The corporate take-over is now beginning as the State Department is de-frocked (always a tool of corporations anyway, but now no longer seen as necessary for the globalization they skillfully
    disguised as ‘national interests’ and ‘diplomacy’). This interview points to the need to create a Third Party that speaks for AND WILL REPRESENT The Voice Of The People,
    the need for a people’s political process to be built AT THE GRASSROOTS LEVEL BY YOU & ME…to run for office and elect Greens in every town, county and state…and to support by OUR VOTES a National Presidential campaign (as Jill & Imaru did this last election) that DEMANDS the Congress & Senate utilize the PUBLICALLY-OWNED AIRWAVES TO GIVE FREE & EQUAL COVERAGE TO THE ONLY NATIONALLY-KNOWN THIRD PARTY, the Green Party on ALL NATIONAL FORUMS. The privatization of ALL PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS MUST BE STOPPED before we are a TOTAL OLIGARCHY with no other voices heard but those of the CORPORATIONS BEHOLDEN TO PROFIT OVER PEOPLE & PLANET. The SECOND GREAT AWAKENING has just begun…healthcare MUST BE a universal public service for ALL, the needless & harmful health insurance corporations must be made obsolete, the Neo-Slavery System of prisons & a police-state must be ENDED, EXCELLENT education, family-leave and healthy FOODS must be a CIVIL RIGHT, PEOPLE AND PLANET OVER PROFIT MUST BE OUR NATIONAL MOTTO and GOAL. The TRANSITION to a cooperative and democratic society CAN BEGIN in every town & state & NATIONALLY, but it will require all of us to connect our ’single issues to one BROAD & DEEP MOVEMENT OF PROGRESS & CHANGE (fighting for a healthy environment, healthcare, education, racial & civil justice, meaningful & family-sustaining jobs….for green energy & ENDING FILTHY FOSSIL & INSANE NUKE ENERGY and the WARS,destruction of countries & cultures & the misery of mass immigration THEY CREATE). ALL this is possible. Start locally & think globally…The Future Is NOW. Thank you North Carolina for this interview! PeopleForANewSociety….( one point:Please get a stronger mic for the interviewer)


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