Historic Ballot Access Bill Passes in North Carolina: Get the Green Party on the Ballot Now!

Green Party ballot access is coming to North Carolina! The North Carolina State Legislature recently overturned Governor Cooper's veto of Senate Bill 656. Which means the bill has passed.


With this bill, our requirement to get on the ballot is dropping from a massive 94,000 petition signatures to 12,000. 

We're now poised to make history—we've already collected 6,000 of the 12,000 signatures, and we're collecting the remainder to ensure the Green Party gets on the ballot for the first time ever in North Carolina.

UPDATE: SB656 also has a clause in it that says we'll automatically get on the ballot because the national Green Party had candidates on 70% of state ballots in the 2016 elections. We already submitted our application for that to the State Board of Elections. HOWEVER, the staff of the Board of Elections has refused to act to confirm us as a ballot-qualified party! Can you believe it? The staff of the board claims that since Governor Cooper has not seated members of the board, they cannot grant us ballot access. (Never mind that the staff of the board administered the fall 2017 elections with no board members!) In the meantime, we are pursuing legal assistance and are still accepting signatures from ballot-access petitioners.

Even so, we are confident that ballot access is just around the corner. This would mean we’ll be able to run Greens—as Greens—for all levels of office, and North Carolina voters will soon be able to register to vote as Greens.

We need your help right now in THREE critical ways:

1. Help us raise $5,000.

The Green Party of the United States has given us a $5,000 grant to help us get on the ballot and to educate and outreach about it once we achieve a ballot line. Let's double our impact and raise another $5,000! With these funds, we'll be able to spread the word, hire organizers, and help cover candidate filing fees and any legal fees. Please donate now to help ensure we get on the ballot and get our message out to thousands of people.

2. Collect Petition Signatures now.

Go to our Collect Signatures page to learn more and get the materials you need to begin petitioning on your own. We are still encouraging members and supports to collect signatures just to cover our bases. Download our petition sheet and xerox it a few times and collect 10, 20, 30, or more signatures from registered North Carolina voters, and then mail the completed sheets to us. Click the link for more info.

3. Join the party!

The North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) is one of the few dues-paying Green Parties in the United States. We’re building a membership-based party funded by Greens and run by Greens, which means our members have an equal voice and an equal say in this party—and when we all have a voice and a stake, it keeps corporate influence and elite, big-money candidates out. Membership is open to North Carolina residents age fourteen years of age or older who meet certain criteria: Currently, those who are eligible to register to vote must be registered as Unaffiliated (not Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian). Those who are not eligible to register to vote due to various state disenfranchisement—such as felony record or noncitizenship status—may still become NCGP members. Contact our party secretary, Tommie James, at secretary@ncgreenparty.org if you feel you are not eligible to vote due to state disenfranchisement. Otherwise, click below to sign up. Our dues are designed to be affordable to all people.



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